Happy New Year!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

I think it’s a very human fault to get swept up in the idea of making changes for the better and Gosh Darn Stickin’ To It This Time and then making 1,000 resolutions– 999 of which are not kept. The lack of actual resolve is due to incredibly high expectations and while I made fourteen resolutions last year and actually managed to resolute twelve of those fourteen, I have one simple resolution this year. Just keep my fucking priorities straight!  Plain and simple…

This year, my goal for this blog is to post material of all kinds on here. I am in the beginning stages of editing my NaNo manuscript, and I have plenty of vintage stuff to put up in my store. I’m excited for a good 2015. I feel like the change is still in the air from 2014, but hopefully maybe that some of the chaos has settled. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s with people you love. I hope your year brings you peace, bliss, and pragmatic creativity.

Also, I bring you the gift of my beautiful baby cat Cersei (it fits, take that as you will) posing for you in pictures!

P.S.  Like that star? I made that lil’ guy.

IMG_0633 IMG_0624

Cat Boots

Mario Star Topper for the Win!
Mario Star Topper for the Win!

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