Auspicious Gifts From 2014


What a whirlwind year, right? I have been thinking about doing a Christmas post for a couple of days now, but I haven’t really had too much time this week. I held off as long as I could, but I had to start editing my novel… the lack of which was just making me fatter because I’ve been baking instead of writing. I have made about ten types of cookies this holiday season alone, and only two were actually for the holidays. I’ve also had to avoid Sculley and Mulder.  To put it bluntly, edits are definitely in order (if only to exercise the added girth around my jollyish, cherubim fingers!)

Any who, back to that whirlwind year. It’s been nuts! I wish I could say I was enjoying the holiday season as much as I had planned to, but to be honest I get a little bit of the seasonal affect disorder going on around this time, even though that will NEVER stop me from enjoying a dazzling display of Christmas lights. I only wish it would put down like an inch of snow here in North Carolina because I am always dreaming of a White Christmas, and never receiving it. So, needless to say I have needed to keep myself fairly cheery and it was starting to get hard until I thought of doing a ‘Gifts from 2014’ post.

When I say whirlwind, what I’m really trying to say is emotional roller coaster or as the great songwriter Wesley Willis would have said, “I’m going on a Hell-ride.” I have had a hard time keeping the bad news bears at bay what with the media posting some outrageous new story of death and mayhem pretty much every hour of every day now. Finally, I just decided I needed to make a list of some of the great things that happened this year and I thought I’d share it (quickly, I get it, you want more ‘Nog) with others in the hopes of picking the mood up a little bit. 2014 brought us a lot of pain, but growth is always painful, and even more so when no one likes change.

I’m going to warn you, I am not going to cite any of this. I promise you, if you use Google, this is all there. I’m just ready to get back to enjoying my hubby and my kitten family. I think that’s just traditional for a Crazy Cat Lady, and also the first part of this holiday season I have truly enjoyed all parts of.

So… without further adieu…

-Scientists are in the midst of making a blueprint towards the creation of a vaccine for HIV by studying the antibody evolution of the retrovirus. This is great because they are actually able to see how the virus changes over time and therefore they can figure out how to head it off at the pass a bit easier.

-At least eighteen states have legalized gay marriage which just goes to show that dogma doesn’t always win in the face of love.

-The pot prohibition is starting to move in a positive direction (see above).

-Gas is cheap for now (Thanks never ending Cold War).

Snowpiercer is amazing and everyone should see it.

-Richard Linklater made this little movie called Boyhood, which took him twelve years to film on and off, using the same actors as they age. I haven’t seen it yet, but anything that takes that much time and love is a present regardless.

-People are becoming more aware of what’s in their food and therefore, what’s in their bodies. I read somewhere that 80% of internet users did searches on health and fitness this year alone. I can’t help, but feel that the infamous Mickey D’s ‘pink sludge’ revelation had something to do with that. That was a blessing in disguise. Now, if only more people felt strongly about GMO’s…

-The new pope is a radical love guru and it is so wonderful. Go read about what he’s been up to!

-Greedy cable companies are dying a slow death and it is also so wonderful. (I’m a little bitter)

-On the upside, Streaming is a thing that many people do now, and I wholeheartedly support this movement!

-A top Elephant tusk poacher has been arrested in Tanzania. Good thing. I didn’t care to learn his name. There is no place in my memory bank for the murderers of innocent creatures.

-We landed a craft on Mars and found some cool terrestrial clues.

-We landed on an asteroid thanks to an amazing scientist (Thank you Dr. Matt Taylor) in an amazing shirt and because of this amazing man, we have found carbon building blocks! (Big stuff!… again, amazing!!!)

-Life expectancy world wide has increased by 6.2 years since 1990.

-Holy shit, did you see this passed season of Game of Thrones? What about the series finale of Sons of Anarchy? True Blood ended, too… and Saturday Night Live is fun again, I especially dig Adie Bryant, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. Let’s hear it for the girls!!!

-David Lynch and Mark Frost let us know that “The gum (we) like is coming back in style.” I cried.

-Malala Yousafzai is such a bad ass who automatically puts all grown ups to shame by standing up to men most of us would never dream of facing, let alone continuing to do so after getting shot in the face, and I can honestly say she is my hero for all of that.


The world we live in is very dismal for many right now. Sometimes it almost seems like the dystopian future we had all feared has finally arrived at our doorsteps. Rightfully so. I feel that things always get worse before they get better, and society as a whole is not pardoned from that.

So, whether your holiday has been absolute shit, or you have had the greatest holiday and an even greater (or worse) year, I want you to know that everything has a silver lining, sometimes you have to look a bit hard for it, though. I hope for you all to have a happy holiday filled with love and laughter. I know my life feels a little bigger and brighter just knowing you’re out there.

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