Happy New Year!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? I think it’s a very human fault to get swept up in the idea of making changes for the better and Gosh Darn Stickin’ To It This Time and then making 1,000 resolutions– 999 of which are not kept. The lack of actual resolve is due to incredibly high […]

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Auspicious Gifts From 2014

HO! HO! HO!!! MEEEEEERRY CHRIMBUS! What a whirlwind year, right? I have been thinking about doing a Christmas post for a couple of days now, but I haven’t really had too much time this week. I held off as long as I could, but I had to start editing my novel… the lack of which […]

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The Un-terview

I assume by now all of America has heard about the monstrous hissy Kim Jong Un threw over The Interview because its plot is largely based on his assassination. (Never mind the mound of presidential assassination movies Americans have made about American leaders over the years…) Admittedly, it’s hard for us ’90’s kids not to […]

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So I Win At NaNoWriMo, Now What?

I was going to write an article on what I learned following NaNoWriMo last week, but I have been a bit busy doing absolutely nothing besides watching The X-Files on Netflix and eating cookies. So, so many cookies. To be honest, I think I’m suffering from Post-NaNoWriMo Depression. I can say that The X-Files safely […]

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NaNoWriMo: The OST

Writing music (as in Music for Writing) is one of the most important sub genres of music in my opinion. I listen to practically everything (I mean that) and in the earliest years of me writing, a lot of it was rock and hip hop. At the time I was between writing all the time […]

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